The Millennial Advisory Board (MAB)

"I Teach them Business, they teach me Life!"

About The Advisory Board

The Millennial Advisory Board-(MAB) which started 5 years ago, meets once a month to share their views on how to manage their career and lives in addition to the review of relevant current events! They benefit from Bob's unique approach to multi-level mentoring--mutual mentoring, motivational mentoring and mental mentoring. The MAB Team consists of GenZ, Miillennials, GenX and Baby Boomers which ties into Bob's key approach of Intergenerational Bonding to eliminate all generation gaps!.

The Millennial Advisory Board (MAB) also serves as a consulting body for his Forbes Books, Fisch Tales: The Making Of A Millennial Baby Boomer and now his new book Get A Life--A Roadmap to Rule the World!.

Get A Life: A Roadmap To Rule The World