Creating a New Generation through Mutual Mentoring and Intergenerational Bonding
This Book Is Not For The Timid

GET A LIFE: A Roadmap To Rule The World

In this sequel to his first Forbes Book, Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer, Bob takes his foundational advice to the next level, encouraging people to fearlessly pursue their boldest ideas and ambitions.

Bob convincingly explains why our post-pandemic world is the ideal time to take stock of where you want to be later in life by creating a stronger identity for yourself right now. His Roadmap to Rule Your World is brimming with original concepts such as PECPL – Patience, Empathy, Curiosity, Passion, Listening. He underscores the importance of why you should understand the difference between a Job, a Career and a Calling. He explains how Signals and Timing work together and how they are more in your control than you realize.

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"If you are afraid to take the risk of being Successful, you'll never Succeed because life is about taking Risks"
About Bob Fisch

It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams

Specialty apparel retailing pioneer Bob Fisch has spent over 30 years as a CEO. Most notably, Bob transformed retailer rue21 into an industry powerhouse, boasting 11 consecutive years of profitability and high-growth by energizing and inspiring his team at unprecedented levels. A master motivator, Bob has developed management and leadership techniques that have led him to his transformational mutual mentoring approach. His generation splicing framework helps different generations in the workplace gain an understanding of and learn from one another. Bob’s passion for helping people reach their full potential has been a career-long guiding light, and he’s excited to share his wisdom with the world.

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Let a Master Motivator Show You Why Your Best Is Yet to Come

Misunderstanding, indifference, adversarial. For many, these words have come to define the relationship between Millennials and Baby Boomers. Life doesn’t have to—and shouldn’t—be this way. Founder and former rue21 CEO Bob Fisch knows this from experience. His message of intergenerational bonding and mutual mentoring helped him grow rue21 into the industry standard. More importantly, his openness to the lessons of youth and his excitement for learning new things gave him—and the Millennials he’s worked with—a new perspective on life. Bob is determined to show Millennials and Baby Boomers alike that their best is yet to come, regardless of their stage of life or career. In addition he is currently working on mentoring Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) students to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

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