millennials at work

What Millennials Can Teach the Rest of Us

What’s the best way to find out what others around you might know that will help you and your business? First, ask them. Then, listen to them, no matter Millennials or Baby Boomers, or position in the company. The smartest people often don’t speak a lot, it was pointed out to me by a global […]

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Yold Yoda with Yodels

Let’s Hear It for ‘Yold Lang Syne’

Young. Old. What difference does it make? A lot less than you might think. I believe that it doesn’t matter in which year you were born or to which generation you belong. What matters to me is who you are, what you do, and how young you allow yourself to be. If someone asks my […]

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OK Millennial OK Boomer

Let’s Meet in the Middle–OK, Boomer? OK, Millennial?

OK, Boomer. I’d like you to think back when you were at the same stage of life as Millennials are today. We’re talking roughly anywhere from, say, 25 to 40 years old. OK, Boomer, now that you’ve time-traveled to a few decades ago, think of how you will react if your parent, or one of […]

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All hail Gmail! AOL? LOL!

You’ve got mail!  If that phrase is instantly familiar to you, chances are you’ve used AOL email in the past and may still be using it. You’re probably a Gen Xer or older. If those three words don’t ring a bell, you’ve probably never used AOL email and wouldn’t be caught dead using it. You’re […]

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No risk, no reward - Gold ingot resting on a stocks document

No Risk, No Reward

In business, weighing the Risk-Reward Factor reminds us to not pull the trigger on a critical decision without making sure you stand to gain (reward) more than you lose (risk). It’s a balancing act. That’s not my management or mentoring style. For me, Risk leads to Reward. Take a stand to do what you believe, […]

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Bob Fisch Street Fightin Disruptor

Street Fightin’ Disruptor

Where I live in Manhattan, there’s a lot of Disruption going on. I’ve responded by Disrupting back. What’s happening is that people’s commutes to work are being Disrupted. Businesses are being Disrupted. Nearby streets are being Disrupted with detoured traffic. That’s all because traffic is being Disrupted. And it’s not on just any street. It’s […]

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Retailers Win by Playing Hardball on Tariffs

Retailers Win by Playing Hardball on Tariffs

I understand the business of retail very well. My entire career has been spent running sizable apparel chains. There’s nothing I haven’t seen, or had to deal with, in order to successfully manage my businesses, even in the most difficult and complex market conditions. But there is one thing I do not understand… Why would […]

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You woman sitting against a wall

Will Today’s Children Have 9 Lives by the 22nd Century?

I’m living proof of the famous expression, “Age is a state of mind.” Why else would I title my book Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer? Sure, I was born during the Baby Boom, but I don’t live in the past. If I did, I might have rested on my laurels in my […]

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Numbers don't lie

Numbers Don’t Lie… but They Don’t Tell the Whole Truth

Here’s the thing about data: it’s way overrated. If anything, the more data we devour, the more wary we should be that it holds the answers we seek. Data is easily, and often, misused or misunderstood. Instead of mapping the short-cut to your success, data can turn into a detour. Data is a valuable map […]

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I teach them business, they teach me life

Mentoring Is a 4-Way Street: Let’s All Meet at the Intersection

I’m in the post office the other day with my wife Stephanie to send copies of a book I’ve just authored to a few people. There’s a friendly woman who works in the post office, Paula, who entertains customers waiting in line by singing to them. Only in New York!  Paula asks me about the […]

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Get A Life: A Roadmap To Rule The World